Marc Swanson/Joe Mama-Nitzberg
Marc Swanson and Joe Mama-Nitzberg have created an ongoing series of photographic Memorial Portraiture utilizing "floral arrangements". Swanson and Mama-Nitzberg have combined their unique photographic and sculptural practices to create these collaborative images. The individuals that have been memorialized are of great personal and cultural import to the artists. The artists believe they should be of import to the viewer as well. The exhibition includes portraits of Halston, Sam Wagstaff, Darby Crash, Anna Nicole Smith, Elizabeth Short, Angel Menendez, Divine, Harvey Milk, Farrah Fawcett, Wendy O Williams and Kurt Cobain. The individual images function in different ways in both their formal construction as well as in the way in which they signify culturally. Like the individuals they represent, they are often conceptual, sometimes metaphoric and in instances, literal.